Check out the frequently asked questions below.

For individual counseling, the assessment (the first appointment) is 90 minutes in length and has a cash rate of $120; every 50 minute session after that is $100. There is a sliding fee scale available. My DUI services and costs are listed under the DUI tab.

The best thing for you to do, is log into your insurance company’s website or call the number on the back of your card to determine if I am in network. 

In most cases, no.

DUI services do not meet the criteria or reasons that most insurances will reimburse for the services. It would entail providing a diagnosis that your insurance company will reimburse for services. Also, DUI services are already at a reduced hourly rate. Adding your insurance has the potential to increase your cost. If there are additional questions, please ask them at your DUI screening.

I offer individual counseling services for people 15 years of age and older. I do not perform family or couples counseling at this time. 

I specialize in trauma (PTSD), anxiety and depression. I use a trauma informed care perspective in all of my interactions. 

I use a variety of different treatments, tailoring to the individual’s needs and treatment goals. I use a variety of techniques because no one is the same and their treatments should not be the same. 

I have been working in social services and mental health in the community for almost 20 years. I have worked in community mental health. I have been independently licensed by the Arizona Board of Behavioral Health Services since 2015. I am certified in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) for the treatment of PTSD, anxiety and depression.

Like any relationship, some personalities fit well together and some do not. We will be working to determine that together. I encourage the open dialogue between the two of us to make the relationship as beneficial as possible. 

Our relationship will be professional in a nature. We will meet in the office at a scheduled time for approximately 50 minutes. We will not be able to be social media friends. This is a small community so I expect that we may see each other enjoying what our city has to offer on occasion; if that does occur, I will not approach you but you are certainly welcome to acknowledge me. 

Our time together will be identifying and working on concerns that are interfering in your daily life and working on finding some skills to lessen the impact of those concerns on your life. 

You will be expected to show up on time for your appointment with an open mind. There may be things that you are asked to do outside of our sessions as you would like to feel better in your life outside of the office. Sometimes that entails using the skills in real life situations. I ask that you are honest during your time with me so we can make the most out of your time in your appointment.